Welcome to Charles Wratto Foundation

We are dedicated to rescuing and helping youths and children affected by armed conflicts and other forms of violence. To achieve our objectives, we seek to empower vulnerable individuals and communities achieve greater self-reliance through vocational and educational frameworks in post conflict areas.

We aim to:
Promote and support youths participation in peace-building efforts
Elevate the living standards of the youth through skill training programs
Facilitate peaceful resolution to ethnic conflicts
Encourage and engage divided communities in dialogue
Strengthen existing peace through community participation
Promoting gender violence awareness

Where We Work

CWF functions within the borders of Liberia and has a local committee of trusted volunteers in every community we work. They are the link between the trustees and the local community. This is to ensure that your funds support those people and projects that are known locally to be the most deserving. This also mean that your donations will not get used up in middle management.