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High School project details and progress

CWF is currently building a high school in a remote and isolated region of Liberia where many villages are suffering from large numbers of orphaned children whose parents have died either due to the civil war or due to curable illnesses.

The nearest high school is three days walk away and as these children are cared for by relatives who cannot afford to meet their educational needs, they have no choice but to become farmers. However, the school being built by CWF will provide education to children from eleven villages and will also serve as a vocational center where over 3,000 former child soldiers will receive various training including negotiation and mediation skills.

Cultural Education Program

Arts are the major peacebuilding strategies we use to generate momentum in order to engage fragile communities into conversation. Due to the cultural relevance and indigenous practices within the communities we work, we are focused on drama and oral storytelling through music and dance as means of getting our peacebuilding message across to the audience. When performing, our plays are focused on the impact of conflict on the youth. We featured several heart-rending scenes, including re-enactments of massacres, forceful recruitments of young men into military groups and rape as a weapon of war against young girls, to mention a few. The conclusion of our plays emphasizes reconciliation and forgiveness.

Program Objectives

  1. Maintaining peace through arts and culture
  2. Providing a safe and comfortable environment where each child will have the unique privilege of learning and preserving the traditional african arts
  3. Discovering, developing, and displaying the artistic talents of our youth to the world
  4. Training children and youth to become role models that will create positive impacts within their communities.

Implementation Strategy

The program is being managed by a group of passionate and professional volunteers with the sole intent of educating children and youths in the following areas:

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Drumming
  4. Drama
  5. Storytelling

At the end of every training year, students are required to demonstrate these various skills in order to obtain a certificate.

About the Founder

Charles is a former Liberian child soldier, an associate researcher at the Babes-Bolyai Conflict Studies Center and a Peace Activist. From age eight he witnessed and survived the horrors of two civil wars: one in his native Liberia and the other in neighboring Sierra Leone where he endured circumstances scarcely imaginable. At age 15 he was captured and forced to become a soldier in Liberia. Leaving his country and family behind (in 2001), he travelled seven days through the vast forest from Liberia to the Ivory Coast. Fighting another cruel battle to survive as a refugee, he left for Mali (a neighboring country), where he met Belemina Obunge, a Nigerian national who took him in as a son. Through Obunge’s help, Charles finished grade school, obtained his BSc in International Relations, MA in Crisis and Conflict Management, and presently pursuing his PhD in Conflict Analysis and Management.

Charles has dedicated his life in fighting against the use of children in senseless wars but it’s not his academic achievement that has changed his life rather it’s an act of kindness from one man. You too can change a child’s life (and yours) forever!