Success Story

The peacebuilding works of CWF has had tremendous and direct impact on the lives of thousands of people in urban and rural Liberia. Although the civil war ended in 2003, there were, to a greater degree, many invisible borders between several ethnic groups which were partly due to the lack of trust, unwillingness to forgive or forget the past, and the fear of the unknown. For instance, prior to our presence in lower Nimba County, members of the Gio, Minon and Krahn ethnic groups could not interact with one another as a result of the aforementioned. In fact, at that time, a traveller would choose to pass through the forest rather than taking a much shorter road through the next tribe’s village. Realizing the danger of tribal isolation in achieving peaceful coexistence among these tribes, the Charles Wratto Foundation launched a pilot community theatre, sports and seminars projects that were aimed at engaging youths from divided communities to participate with their peers. The results were outstandingly overwhelming and CWF united over 100,000 youths from ethnically divided communities most of whom are now peacebuilding volunteers in Liberia.
In addition, the dedicated staffs of CWF risked their lives and successfully rescued one hundred Ivorian youths and helped them escape ethnic cleansing from armed men in 2014. These young men and women are now receiving former and informer education that will prepare them for the future in Liberia.