We Believe

  • If young Liberians living along the border communities are empowered to take on peacebuilding responsibilities, they will be less likely to cohere to mercenaries activities or resort to violence due to their changed of perspectives, expansion in expertise or knowledge and the foreseeable future opportunities.
  • When young peacebuilders in Liberia are deployed in communities other than theirs, then there will be a significant pulling down of barriers, elimination of distrust for other tribes and acceptance of other cultures.
  • If tribal leaders in Liberia are trained to discuss tolerance and lead peace-building activities, it will minimize tribalism and ethnic violence, which will provide an opportunity for more youths to become peacebuilders in rural Liberia.
  • When former child soldiers are rehabilitated and trained in the field of conflict management, they are more likely to join a peacebuilding effort and raise awareness, or negotiate with warlords and rescue adopted youth and children, or assist in the healing process of abused youths and children.
  • If abused girls in Liberia are encouraged and empowered to speak against rape, there will be a gradual extermination of family shame and more abused girls will have the willpower to report their perpetrators to the authority.