Our Work

Peace Beyond Tribal Borders
By using arts, sports and intellectual platforms, CWF has united over 100,000 youths in ethnically divided communities. Arts are the major peacebuilding strategies we use to generate momentum in order to engage fragile communities into conversation. Due to the cultural relevance and indigenous practices within the communities we work, we are focused on drama and oral storytelling through music and dance as means of getting our peacebuilding message across to the audience. When performing, our plays are focused on the impact of conflict on the youth. We featured several heart-rending scenes, including re-enactments of massacres, forceful recruitments of young men into military groups and rape as a weapon of war against young girls, to mention a few. The conclusion of our plays emphasizes reconciliation and forgiveness and there are more youths joining the arts and cultural program every week.
Child Soldiers
Rehabilitated over 3,000 former child soldiers by providing:

  • Trauma counseling
  • Victim-support networks where they assist and dialogue with their peers on issues relating to violence and post-conflict victimization
  • And preparing them for job opportunities that will help prevent them from future participation in violence.

Gender Equality
Providing extensive rape and trauma counseling for abused girls and promoting gender violence awareness.
Providing scholarships to the youth at primary, secondary and university levels,The Charles Wratto Foundation has Sponsored 150 youths at high school level and three at the university level.
Youth Empowerment
We have provided suitable frameworks which enable 1,000 youth develop academic, social, economic and cultural skills to improve the quality of their lives. We are focusing on vulnerable children and youth aged 10 -28 years with specific emphasis on ghetto youths, school drop outs, orphans and street children, drug abusers, teenage mothers, and former child soldiers.
Ghetto & Village Love Project
CWF has provided school, farming, arts and sporting supplies to over two thousand ghetto and village youths. Expanding our reach, in March 2015, we started the construction of a high school that will provide secondary education to youths from eleven villages in Kparblee District. The school will also serve as an art and vocational center where over 5,000 youths will receive various training which will include negotiations and mediations courses.
Ambassadorial Program
Training tribal leaders to discuss tolerance, lead peace-building activities in rural areas, and equipping young people with negotiation and conflict management skills to become agents of change within their communities.
Emergency Response
Providing immediate assistance to displaced families and orphaned children who have fled violence from within the Mano River Union.